Posted by NSFWMainer (04/12/13 12:03 PM)
Why is this even on the growery?

It is highly biased, negative and definitely not indicative of even 5% of the users' opinions here. 

Bad trips? What? Talking about plants laced with Pharmaceuticals in my opinion.

Someone needs to make a truly non-biased account of marijuana use.
Posted by greendreams (05/28/09 12:16 PM)
Don't try acid/shrooms if you can't handle weed kids =/
Posted by herd (04/25/09 11:25 PM)
im in the same situation but my depression isnt from weed.rather than the "need experience" even though no one nowadays will give a chance to gain expierence. i smoke before most of my outings to go job hunting, got my 1st job at subway and i was still "high"an hr after the interview.
its more of :familiy history with "intoxicants",personal backround,and maturity (not age) but more of knowing your limit and knowing when to and when to not smoke.for instance if i have nothing important to do or doing an activity to where i myself feel comfortable...yeah imma smoke how i please.but if its something that i wont feel comfortable i would only take a few hits(half a blunt/fat joint) and others wouldnt have a clue to me being high!. its all about being responsible and knowing  how the d.o.c (drug of choice) affects your body and whether or not one should indulge,
Posted by Scraps (04/12/09 12:11 AM)
man the fuck up its only weed.
if ur such a pussy to freak out on it then dont do it simple.

PUSSY-''I then began to feel guilty and depressed. I could almost literally feel the thoughts moving through my head.''
Posted by wowitch420 (07/06/08 06:34 PM)
this is rediculous, especially the last section.
You can smoke cannabis every day responsibly and when you stop,  you will have very little/no "withdrawls, depression"
This is the effect of smoking retarded ammounts of good weed.
Posted by godspeedyou (06/04/08 12:58 PM)
Yes boxcarguy, it is unbiased. It's entitled "Bad Trips, After Effects and Habitual Use," what did you want to see, positives?
Posted by Doitagain (04/29/08 08:59 PM)
you guys couldn't hang, pussies
Posted by wowitch420 (04/28/08 10:54 PM)
lol only idiots experience a  bad "comedown" from thc
Posted by Compass (04/28/08 12:01 AM)
Truly unbiased would be a study of a wide range of people, but I don't you can find that with prohibition.
It's all first-hand anedoctal evidence from Erowid.
I think it's important for a pro-pot website to present both sides, it bolsters credibility.
Posted by boxcarguy07 (04/27/08 03:36 PM)
unbiased, huh?