Posted by TrueHerbCrystal (02/06/17 02:27 AM)
Nice and simple!

.5 grams might not be enough for everyone but if u make them all half a gram dosing should be pretty easy.
Posted by plantit (07/22/15 11:20 PM)
Are they potent
Posted by thysandre (01/21/14 07:58 AM)
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Posted by cbaby666 (01/31/11 07:36 AM)

I have tried it and it just made me really tired and i passed out.
Its pretty goood too.
Posted by 4jd20 (10/16/10 07:29 AM)
how much to eat and how high you get are really hard to gage.  depends on how much you smoke, how big u are, and so on and so forth.  i would start with one or two and go from there. 

YES you definitlry need to heat these up to activate the thc. 

Has anyone actually tried these?
Posted by lb.killer (07/02/10 03:39 PM)
how many do you have to eat surely .5 doesnt get u high
Posted by blazedboy88 (04/24/10 07:01 PM)

can you make these without heat just letting them sit rapped up