Posted by Slaithenn (01/16/11 05:21 PM)
You forgot to mention the most impoartant thing about CFL's, their kelvin rating. Vegging we need the 6000k bulbes. Makes huge diff trust me. Need all that blue light. As for the flowring, thats more to the red end of the spectrom 2500k. (Best to have a mix of both for flowering)
Posted by skeeter420 (10/19/10 03:27 PM)

Yo man, it's my first time growing. And im having trouble with the Fluoro's and setting them up, I'm using one, long double tubed fluoro light on my plant and its working weel. but the light is so sketchy and obvious as fuck so im trying to set up somewhere differenet, preferably in a smaller area but i have no way of getting the fluoro's in the space i want. If u could run thru the process and break it down a little more on how to install a fluoro that wud be greatly appreciated man.