Posted by harrypothead (03/23/11 09:43 PM)
dude take the fucking thing off. bay the way are you john baraka from plymouth ma???????????????. if so your  A MORON.GIVE IT UP
Posted by box_grower (03/23/11 09:37 PM)
dude go do sumthin special nd then see wat we have to say. as for ur "vase" i bet i can find it at the smoke shop down the street
Posted by harrypothead (01/11/11 09:58 PM)
BULLSHIT/////////////////////////////////////////////////// GO BACK TO MOM DUDE. VASE?   i have one or two. GO HOME.........
Posted by triptonic (07/23/09 07:18 PM)

That Aint no vase! I have seen bongs that come that way.