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Dwc 5x5x6

Newbie just looking for tips

Hello all, this is my first grow with dwc and I have an Apollo tent 5x5x6 and I'm going to run a 600w HPS in the middle with a 45w led on either side for maximum coverage.  I'm going to have a 6 site bubble brothers DWC system. I got the fox farm starter kit for my nutrients. I'm going to use rapid rooters instead of rockwool cubes.  I got a 6in intake fan with a 4in exhaust fan. I'm going to be running 2 strawberry kush, 2 blueberry, and 2 pineapple haze all feminised. Was just looking for some tips on setup and if you guys think my lights will be sufficient enough for the space and the 6 plants themselves. Thanks in advance for all the help and tips.
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