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The amazing swamp growing tek

no need to water, no need to worry. By: Phish_Dude

First off a swamp is an ideal location to grow because there is a water source and few people would wander there.
Materials needed:
  • 5, 15, or 20 gal bucket OR a burlap bag.
  • Soil/ nutrients of your choice.
  • A saw to cut the bottom of the bucket off.
  • A shovel
  • Seeds or seedlings
  • Dolomite lime
  • Chicken Wire
  • Patience
Find a spot in a swamp with good sunlight and no standing water, just mucky soil. Make sure its far away from a trail or anywhere people would walk. Dig down until theres about an inch of standing water in your hole, pour a cup of lime in the water to stabilize ph. Jam the bucket (bottom cut off) into the hole a little bit and fill with soil, OR place your burlap bag into hole(the roots will grow through the bag). Plant your seedling and give it a little water to start, soil will wick water and keep it moist from here on out. Try not to plant all your plants close together, rather spread them further apart just in case someone does find one you wont lose em all, it is less noticeable by air this way too.
Wrap chicken wire around your bucket or bag and close the top off by threading the spikes through the holes, anchor down with sticks by threading through the holes then stick into the ground. This keeps deer from chomping your babies, you can also place bottles of urine around your crop to maximize protection.
You shouldn't have to worry too much about root rot because the water in your hole should be dried up by the time the roots reach it, and will continue to grow down into the mucky soil to stay watered. Marijuana has a very agressive root system and will grow accordingly to the water supply, just make sure its a spot that dries up slowly over the course of the summer and isn't a lake.
The advantage to a self watering system is that you minimize your trips out to your crop and you dont have to haul water out there, and be sure to take aternate routes to your site. Remember the fewer trips to your crop the better, you're less likley to form trails that could be noticed by a hiker. People follow random trails through the woods all the time and could stumble upon a plesent suprise if you're not careful.
PS. Remember to kill the males so you dont have schwag come harvest time! Be safe, tell nobody but a trusted grow partner if you must.
Stay fly, stay high. Happy growing!
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